About the New Zealand hui

We held a one day hui for people to explore theories of change. What does it take to create a just world where people and nature are able to flourish? We recognize that with complex and entrenched issues there can be no one right way forward and so collaboration and diverse strategies and tactics are needed.

We invited a range of speakers to each present their theory of change and how they manifest it in practice. There were opportunities to explore these ideas in groups, and find their relevance to ourselves as people trying to make change.

During and following the hui there were discussion notes and feedback gathered that have been written up to capture some collective insights and future directions from the day. Read these here:

Diversity with common cause

Where to from here?


Why get together to talk about theories of change? As organisers of the conference we have seen that competition for attention and funding, infighting and blunt criticism can distract from the efforts and confidence of people and organisations working for change. We see these potentially replicating and strengthening the very structures we seek to change.

We held this hui to stay engaged with our common values and ideals and explore how different approaches may fit together.

Who we are

This hui was organised by Niki Harre, Rebecca Mackenzie and Rowan Brooks, based out of the School of Psychology at Auckland University. Niki is a lecturer in community and social psychology while Rebecca and Rowan were honours students in 2015. All have backgrounds in community and political action.

A parallel conference is being organised by community psychologists in Canada – more details to follow.