Where to from here?

Attendees thoughts on next steps, strengths and improvements following the 2016 New Zealand Hui.

The hui in February was the first we have organized of this nature. So from here, what could come next? Is there something to build on, continue, improve?

The feedback we got showed that people wanted ways to keep meeting, connecting and learning from others engaged in trying to make change. Bringing together different groups was thought provoking and inspiring for many attendees, and helped to foster connections and appreciation for others’ contributions. In doing so, it was able to strengthen networks and intentions to work in solidarity with each other.

Following this, a clear request we received was that there be another hui – one that moves its focus from theory to different practices of change, perhaps with workshops on specific skills such as how to mobilise others. Some also commented that if a follow up hui is to build strong and diverse networks, then we need more viewpoints represented.

People were interested in having more chance to ask questions of speakers, perhaps in a panel format. The short time slots worked well to cover a lot of thoughts, but some suggested longer ‘keynote’ type speakers could have fit too. There was positive feedback about having speakers say “what’s wrong with my theory”.

Some wanted more space for attendees’ voices – the group sessions were generally effective for giving people time to meet and talk, but some felt they could have had more focus.

We had included the debate of “Forget shorter showers” in one attempt to give some more space for people to speak, but agree with the general feedback – it was fun, but perhaps not enlightening enough to justify the time it took from what was already a long day. Thank you to the audience members who stood up to compel and entertain everyone with their arguments.

Your feedback was also full of gratitude and generosity, sentiments we echo. We are grateful to everyone who took time to prepare presentations, who attended, who discussed and inspired others and who supported from afar with well-wishing and sponsorship. Many people also made lovely comments about our efforts to organize the hui, to run it as a free event, and provide nutritious food.

We hope that the 2016 hui can be a beginning of something, with more to follow that continues and improves upon it’s explorations for how we can create a better world.

Until we meet again,

Rowan, Rebecca and Niki